Tuesday, March 27/12
Turned left (west) at blinking light to Nicoya.  See map in previous post.  Stopped at Chari’s Restaurant, an open air Restaurant/Bar with choice of Buffet or items from the Menu.

The Buffet looked picked over so we ordered Hamburgesus Especial and a side of fries.

Why we ordered fries, other than habit, we do not know.  Fries in CR, in our experience, are frozen and not very good.  We also did not realize that the burgers came with fries.  The Hamburgesus were excellent…..we left most of the fries.
Bought 2 rib size pieces of crispy pork for the road on our way out. Yummy!

Drove straight through the narrow, one-way downtown street of Nicoya and out the other side on the 34km road to Samara. (Pronounced like Samuri but with an ‘ah’ at the end instead of ‘i’).  Pretty cattle/farm land, dry on the  hills and beautiful…

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Captain Awkward

Humblest apologies from your friend Commander Logic as I figured out exactly what the eff WordPress was up to and could not locate the “preview” button. Away we go!

Dear Captain Awkward,

I need your help. It is three months till I graduate and I hate my degree and I hate the course I am doing and I have done for the last few years. I am the first person in my family who had the potential to go to university and to do a hard Science degree, I was always interested in Science and Biology and I thought it would transition well, but it hasn’t. I can’t tell my family how much I hate it because they are so proud of me and I really don’t want to disappoint them, I can’t tell my friends because there is a pervasive sense of elitism and I am afraid they will…

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