– The death of the book … again?

– The book is alive!  Honest.

– The mystery of the missing Abbotsford Bookworm has been solved.

– Internet Archive adds 1,000,000 legal files to the world’s store of BitTorrents.

– ALA Releases “Ebook Business Models for Public Libraries”.

– eBook Lending Site LendInk Shuttered by Confused Authors.

– The e-book lending wars: When authors attack.

– Attorney asks DOJ to release findings on Amazon’s “predatory” ebook pricing.

– Woz worried about cloud computing.

– A 6 year old judges the classics by their cover.

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– Is Twitter a publisher or a distributor? There’s a crucial difference.

– Library Journal and Bowker survey says 28% of library patrons want to download e-books at their local libraries.

– Meanwhile in Canada: Canadian-Controlled Ebook Infrastructure Project Progressing.  But don’t hold your breath.

– ebrary enhances strategic E-book Acquisition program for public libraries.

– Dead trees?  How about dead printers?

– Damages Could Exceed $1 Billion in Authors Guild Case Against Google.

– 25 Libraries To Follow on Pinterest.

20 Twitter Chats Every Librarian Should Know About.

– France will cut funding to its piracy police.

– The library battle in Seattle.

Music downloading and copyright:  CBC Radio’s Sunday Edition concludes its popular series on the history of the music business, Robert Harris’s Twilight of the Gods. 

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Prescription drugs and violence

PharmaWatch Canada

James Holmes was arrested for the Aurora Colorado shooting in a cinema killing 12 people and injuring 58 others.Media reporting after rampage shootings, such as the one that occurred in Aurora, Colorado, in late July, invariably focus on gun control, fueling not inappropriate outrage at some of the inadequacies in American law regarding the ease with which lethal weapons can be legally purchased.

This focus misses a big part of the picture. The perpetrators of these atrocities — some of which have been planned obsessively for weeks, if not months — are often in bizarre mental states. The website www.ssristories.com (no longer being updated due to the passing of the dedicated administrator, Rosie Meysenburg) is a lay advocate’s effort to catalogue rampage shootings over the past couple of decades from media reports. It is no coincidence to those who are familiar with the debilitating and disabling effects of psychiatric drugs that many perpetrators had a history of psychiatric drug use and abuse that was reported in the media…

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