Monday, March 26, 8am out of Coco then south on Hwy 21 past the fence that has grown into trees

, past the blinking light at the turn-off to Nicoya, past the turn-off to the Tempesque Bridge (financed by Taiwan) and a stop at the ferry terminal at Naranjo for a cold drink.

We watched the little ferry arrive from Puntarenus and junk metal being cleaned up on the beach.  The only thing at the ferry terminal was The Restaurant El Vigia and a little house beside the rusty metal piles.

The paved road ended about 100 yards from the restaurant and a rough, very rough, hard packed, rocky, washboard, grooved, pot-holed, chewed up road began.  Our little Yaris bounced and skittered for 1 hour and 10 minutes over 23km of this road that is in desperate need of grading.

Not much traffic on the up and down twisty journey…

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We have been hearing about the little town of Puerto Humo on the Tempesque River and the river boat tours from there since coming here first in 2009.  This trip we decided to find the, up to now, elusive road to Puerto Humo.  Verbal directions have been “The road is just before Nicoya” or “It is down there off to the right”.

As mentioned previously Road signs can be non existent.  Some maps have the town marked, two of our three maps had a road into the town, hamlet, village, 2 short streets with houses on each side. We found online,  The Tempesque Safari Ecological Adventure.

Glowing report about how all kinds of animals are rescued and brought back to health in cages, but at least we would see them, sounded good, opened at 10am, so at 6:30am we left Coco for the 71km drive to Nicoya.

Made good…

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As promised in the previous post, more about Liberia. This was originally published  April 22 2009 on a different site and occurred during our first trip to Costa Rica

Drove to Liberia, pronounced Lee-bear-ee-a, parked by the Central Plaza which occupies 2 square blocks and includes a somewhat modern church with a cool dark interior.

Liberia was founded in 1769, has narrow streets, carved wooden doors and shutters with sagging red tile roofs.  Generally not too exciting, but where the real people live and sell lottery tickets and mangoes on the sidewalks.

We came across the Comandancia la Plaza which occupies a whole city block, it was weathered and rundown reminding us of Havana.  We decided it must have been a prison.  The door was open so we walked in.  Mostly empty rooms surrounding a court yard.  All the windows had bars.  A Sleeping policeman, a young woman working on…

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After a couple of days of only venturing out for food, we took a trip to Liberia to re-learn the cost and system for taking the bus to Nicaragua.  More about that when/if we actually go.  That out of the way we drove to Canas Dulces, 11km north of Liberia, then east off the Hwy to Buena Vista and beyond just to see what was there.

Discovered Vandara,,

a new, 2 years old, NO CHEMICALS Hot Springs Pool/Zip Line/ Organic Farm/Restaurant 17km  from Hwy past the Buena Vista Bar/Rest, up and down paved and dirt roads and through the town of Buena Vista with its very purple church.

The view from the Buena Vista Bar/Rest. would have been more spectacular but the sky was hazy with smoke from the burning of underbrush everywhere.  We stopped for a photo op, but did not stay.

Looking forward to lunch at one…

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