Phil Menger Poetry

April Auditions Another Spring


April 1IMG_6757

Bubbles Float

Children in Awe

Sun shines

On tricycles


April 2

My friend said no quotas please2008-02-27 13.31.36

Quoting Robert Bly

He has smelly breath

From gum disease

Bone destruction

Mouth bacteria

My friend does

Not Robert Bly

That I know of


April 3

He lights her cigarette2011-08-31 19.51.07

In a high class bar

She gives him that look

The one that makes you

Feel guilty even though

You most assuredly are.

Old TV shows assure you

There is always the wisdom

Of house hold tips.  Or how to

Use CPR when someone strokes.


April 4

April 4, 2013

Retrograde ejaculation

Men weeping into old ageDandy Lion

Unsure diagnosis

Inexact prognosis

Idiopathic hacks

Search bodies for clues

Nevertheless Spring happens

Easing wrinkles into smiles

Retrograde Appreciation

Women tearing up

…spring showers


April 5avatar92(1)

A whiff of coffee

Reminds me of Frank

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