March 5, 2012.  Monday

The trip begins with a 3:45am wake up alarm!  Long check-in line at YVR because Continental merged with United and check-in Kiosks do not work for most travellers.  Removal of shoes for Security because we had a stop over in Houston and finally breakfast at Tim Horton’s while waiting for our 7:10am flight.  Good thing we ate as we were offered drinks on board, but no free bag of pretzels or cookies.  One can purchase food, but we are not programed to buy food on a plane.  Uneventful flight to Houston and then on to Liberia, Costa Rica, where we picked up our very noisy 2008 Yaris.  We arrived at the condo about 10pm and went in search of food.  All restaurants within walking distance were closed, but a 3 minute drive back to Coco and a 10 minute wait for our pizza while enjoying a…

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